Tierras de Tavara, Chorro de Oro and Sierra de Génave, winners of the 2024 Ardilla Awards of the Sierra de Segura DOP

This morning the University of Jaén hosted the tasting-competition in which a group of prestigious professionals from the sector acted as a jury.

The Regulatory Council of the “Sierra de Segura” Denomination of Origin already has the winners of its Ardilla 2024 awards. The “Tierras de Tavara Premium” EVOOs from Oleofer S.L. from La Puerta de Segura; “Chorro de Oro ECO Early Harvest” of the S.C.A. Virgin of the Campo de Torres de Albanchez; and “Sierra de Génave Selección” by the S.C.A. “Sierra de Génave” from the municipality of Génave, have been the oils that have achieved the highest score in the tasting competition held this morning at the University of Jaén.

This tasting, sponsored by Caja Rural de Jaén, had a jury made up of prestigious professionals in the sector such as Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, professor of Chemical Engineering and director of the Expert Degree in Tasting Virgin Olive Oils at the University of Jaén; Francisco Carrillo, head of the Tasting Panel of the Granada Laboratory of the Government of Andalusia; Plácido Pascual, head of the Tasting Panel of the Córdoba Laboratory of the Government of Andalusia; Inmaculada Olivares, professor of the Title of Expert in Tasting of Virgin Olive Oils at the University of Jaén; Mari Paz Aguilera, IFAPA researcher and professor of the Expert Title in Tasting Virgin Olive Oils at the University of Jaén and Pedro Vilches, head of the Tasting Panel at the CM Europe laboratory.

Sebastián Sánchez, representing the jury, highlighted that “the oils that we have tasted this year have presented great intensity both in the nose and in the mouth, reaching very high scores, above 90 points, comparable to those obtained in the most prestigious awards in the world.

Regarding “Tierras de Tavara Premium” he explained that “it is presented with nuances of green fruit, olive, tomato, apple and banana. With vegetal notes, the artichoke being its hallmark. In the mouth it is intense, fruity, bitter and spicy, the latter being a progressive property. The olive leaf, banana peel and astringency give it a touch that makes it linger in our senses.”

For its part, “Chorro de Oro ECO Early Harvest” has been selected because “on the nose it appears with green notes sprinkled with mature notes. The tomato plant, mint and raw dried fruits, such as walnut, are recognized. The palate is green, and olive leaf, walnut and green almond predominate. You can say that it has balanced bitters and spiciness.”

Likewise, “Sierra de Génave Selección” has highlighted “its intense green olive fruitiness at its best, its nuances are broken down into tomato plant, olive leaf, and banana peel that close in wild herbs, reflecting freshness in all the senses. It enters the mouth smoothly, but the bitterness and spiciness quickly coexist, balancing its harmony. The sensations on the nose are confirmed in the mouth, with alloza almonds being the protagonist. It stands out for being round and elegant and leaves an aftertaste that expresses fullness.”

The Ardilla 2024 awards, which will be presented at an event to be held next spring in a place yet to be designated, have been made public at a press conference following the tasting competition in which Mª José Lara, territorial delegate, participated. of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy; Francisco Javier Lozano, deputy for Promotion and Tourism; Juan Gallego, commercial director of Caja Rural de Jaén and Francisco Moreno, secretary of the CRDO “Sierra de Segura”.

Mª José Lara congratulated the finalists and winners and highlighted that “the olive grove of the Sierra de Segura has many characteristics that make it special, its orography, its altitude, or its microclimate, in addition to being located in the largest Natural Park in Spain, all of this means that it produces extra virgin olive oils of excellent quality, as these awards amply demonstrate.”

For his part, Francisco Lozano has congratulated the Regulatory Council for consolidating the Ardilla Awards and rewarding the commitment to quality. “Contests like the Ardilla Awards demonstrate a determined commitment to promotion, differentiation and visibility and represent a great opportunity for farmers in the Sierra de Segura,” he expressed.

In his speech, Juan Gallego highlighted that they will continue working together with the Denomination of Origin “to enhance the oils of the Sierra de Segura, which encompasses more than 40,000 hectares, and support the cooperatives and oil mills and the more than 8,000 farmers in the promotion of their oils and, therefore, the area.”

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