Recognize the certified EVOO DO Sierra de Segura

Extra virgin olive oils covered by the Sierra de Segura Denomination of Origin are found on the market in different brands and formats, but they all have a common sign that identifies them, and it is the “Numbered Counter Label” on the package, where THE SQUIRREL appears, which for many years has been the symbol of the Sierra de Segura and its Denomination of Origin.

We find two types of identifying back labels: the “Generic” and the “Early Harvest Certification”. The two back labels indicate that the oil complies with the requirements established by the Denomination of Origin, but the second one also certifies that the oil has been produced no later than November 30 and that it comes from green olives and in veraison.

This corporate image has recently been approved, so currently the counter-labels with the new design coexist with old counter-labels, where the squirrel was also our symbol.

Some formats, such as screen-printed cans and bottles, do not have a counter label on their labeling like those indicated above, but rather the correlative PDO Sierra de Segura control numbering is printed on the format along with the best-before date and batch.

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