Purchase Conditions

1. General Contract Conditions

1.1. These contracting conditions apply to purchases made on the Web https://ventaceitedosierradesegura.com/ (hereinafter the “site”), owned by CRDO Sierra de Segura (hereinafter “the company”).

1.2 For any query, you can contact the email address info@ventaceitedosierradesegura.com or by phone 953 486 063.

1.3. These contracting conditions are intended to describe and inform the user of the conditions that apply to purchases made through the portal https://ventaceitedosierradesegura.com/ of the products that are offered at any time. These contracting conditions are complemented with the information that is stated in the legal notice and in the privacy policy, and with the information that is stated for each particular product.

1.4 The company reserves the right to modify, at any time, unilaterally and without the need for prior notification to its users, the contents, structure, operation or purchase conditions of the site.

1.5 The prices indicated on the site have VAT included. The summary of the purchase shows the prices broken down without taxes and as well as the corresponding application of VAT. The shipping costs will be paid by the customer, whose conditions can be consulted in the shipping information section

2. Process and Confirmation of the purchase

2.1 The products offered on the site are distributed independently by the registered producing entities.

2.2 When adding products to the cart, if they were distributed by different producing entities, the purchase will be divided into several independent orders.

2.3 When validating the purchase, each of the independent orders will be confirmed.

2.4 Each confirmed order will go into the order history and remain pending payment.

2.5 Once the payment of the order has been made, an email will be sent with the payment confirmation to the email address indicated by the user in their registration.

3. Payment

3.1 Payment for purchases on the site will be made by credit card through the POS or bank gateway authorized for this purpose by each of the producing entities.

3.2 Any other method of payment must be previously approved by the company.

3.3 Payment by credit card is made through the server of the bank, which guarantees the security of the client thanks to the protocol based on the SSL standard, which means that the data travels encrypted through the network and nobody can intercept or use it. fraudulently. The credit card data is transmitted protected directly to the bank and this information never reaches any other recipient.

3.4 In case of denial of payment by the payment gateway, the user will be informed of the error produced and the order will continue to be pending payment. In the case of payments with cards issued in a country other than Spain, the issuing bank must be covered by the Secure Electronic Commerce Security Protocol (CES)

4. Returns

4.1 The user may return his order within a period of 3 business days from receipt of the purchase. In this case, you will contact the company by email at info@ventaceitedosierradesegura.com, informing you of the return and the reasons for it.

4.2 The right of withdrawal can be exercised if one of these situations occurs:

a) If the purchased product does not satisfy the user. If the return is made within the aforementioned period, the purchase must be returned with all its products, with its original packaging, with its original unbroken seal, with all its accessories and in perfect condition. Returns of products that do not come with their original packaging will not be accepted. In this case, the shipping costs and return of the order will be borne by the customer.

b) When the products are defective. If so, reliable evidence of the poor condition of the product will be needed. The company will collect the defective product and send the product back to the user without additional costs. It will be the company that will pay the amount of the order once it has verified that the merchandise meets the above conditions.

c) In the event that the defect comes from an incident in transport, you must notify it within 24 hours of receipt of the purchase.

5. Reimbursement of amounts paid

5.1 In the event that a refund of the amounts paid has to be made, the company will do so via bank transfer to the account number indicated by the user. The refund will be made once the status of the returned product has been verified and validated and once it has been verified that the payment has been effective without the possibility of reversal.

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