Aove Arte Oleum 500ml

Arte Oleum Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from mountain olives, of the picual variety and 100% organic, extracted cold and exclusively through mechanical procedures. The maximum care in both its collection and extraction makes this oil guarantee the quality of a demanding EVOO that enhances all its properties and nutritional values.

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The Picual variety, native to the province of Jaén, gives EVOO maximum quality due to its high stability and makes a difference in its aroma and flavor characteristics. It is a full-bodied oil with a fruity and intense, slightly bitter flavor, which gives it its own personality.


The mountain olive grove, from which our oil is obtained, gives more fruity, complex, spicy attributes, but compensated with a subtlety that makes this oil the most exclusive and most requested by demanding palates. All these characteristics are given by the agrological conditions (climate and soil) and are a sign of identity of mountain cultivation. These olive groves with lower production, less accessible and requiring more human labor, produce oils with a greater amount of polyphenols and other elements that intensify the organoleptic characteristics of these oils.

Our oil is harvested at the end of October, beginning of November, thus obtaining oil from fruits that have not yet ripened. It is an early harvest oil, which together with the care taken in harvesting in order not to damage the fruit or the olive tree, represents an extra event that ends with a higher quality oil. Early harvesting offers lower ranges of acidity and peroxides, higher levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, making this oil an even more beneficial product for health.

The commitment of Arte Oleum and its Organic EVOO is also with the environment and respect for the natural cycles of the ecosystem. The agricultural methods carried out take great care of the agronomic environment and the harvesting of the olives. This preservation of the environment makes the oil obtained a product of greater nutritional value.

Nutritional Value 100ml

Energetic Value 900 kcal / 3700 Kj.
– Proteins 0 g
– carbohydrates, 0 g – of which sugars 0 g
– Fats 100 g, of which – Saturated 13 g
– Dietary fiber 0 g
– Salt 0 g

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil
Place of Origin: Sierra de Segura – Jaén – Spain.

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