Mountain olives groves

With such a steep topography, with high average altitudes (899 meters) and steep slopes, ranging from 520 meters above the level located on the Guadalimar river to altitudes of 1809 meters, a situation where the El Yelmo peak is located, Sierra de Segura gives rise to one of the largest MOUNTAIN OLIVE GROVE forests that exist in the world.

Much of this olive grove is interspersed with the pine forest of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park, contributing to this natural space, the largest in Spain and the second in Europe, an important landscape and environmental value. The truth is that since a significant part of the Sierra de Segura Denomination of Origin is located within this park, this Denomination has the largest olive grove in the world with special environmental protection.

The Mountain Olive Grove entails lower productions and higher production costs. But, on the contrary, it has a greater rainfall regime and milder summers, as well as harvesting techniques aimed at avoiding contact of the olive with the ground. All of this contributes to obtaining A PICUAL WITH CHARACTER, oils with their own identity.

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