Location and Orography

The geographical area of the Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura is located in the north-east of Andalucía, in the mountains of the Sierra de Segura, inside the province of Jaén, which gives the olive oils their genuine characteristics. The majority of the olive groves, mixed with pine forests, are located in the Nature Reserve of Segura, Cazorla y las Villas. It is a precipitous area with an average altitude of 899 meters and very steep slopes, such us the 520 meters of the Guadalimar river and the 1,809 meters of the peak El Yelmo.

In these soils, formed during the Secondary Era, the litho-soils on the mesozoic limestones stand out. Generally, the slope soils are very surface and they are formed by the separation of the bedrock, while in the valleys, the soils are poorer in limestones and organic matter in which slightly acid triassic sandstones stand out.

The climatology is rather irregular with a predominant continental Mediterranean climate with subtropical Mediterranean climate influences. The annual average temperature goes from 11ºC to 18ºC which ranges between 35ºC in summer months and -4.5ºC in the coldest month. The annual average rain ranges between 500 and 700 mm, above the average of the province.

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