Guaranteed quality

Being a MOUNTAIN OLIVE GROVE makes it much easier to obtain a PICUAL WITH CHARACTER but by itself it is not enough to guarantee a quality oil. It is necessary for the oil mills and packaging companies to use correct elayotechnics techniques, and above all that a third party guarantee the ORIGIN AND QUALITY of the product finally marketed.

For this, the Sierra de Segura Denomination of Origin has its Regulatory Council, an independent public body that controls and certifies the ORIGIN AND QUALITY of the oils bottled with this label, and that the EXTRA VIRGIN QUALITY indicated on the product labeling is GUARANTEED.

For this, the Regulatory Council establishes a protocol of inspections and analyzes aimed at enforcing the Product Specifications. This, together with a supply of counter-labels limited to the quantity of quality oil produced, GUARANTEES the consumer that when searching for LA ARDILLA, they will find an extra virgin olive oil with proven character and origin.

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